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This page provides links to articles and sites that address technical issues related to maintaining or repairing our British cars.

Business Cards

Altrom Group
5 Cherry Blossom Road, Unit #5, Cambridge
Discounts on British car parts.
They stock many parts for MG’s and Triumphs.
(519) 653-1458, ask for Scott


Rick Molloy 3





Winter Storage Preparation

(Thanks to Zehr Insurance)

Check out this page on preparing your car for winter storage: Storing your car for the winter

Winter Car Preparation Tips

Click here for more tips on preparing your car for winter.

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Ethanol Levels in Fuel

(Thanks to Ron Ron Cribbs)

Ethanol in fuel helps reduce emission levels; however, it has some negatives for owners of classic cars. Click here to be taken to a site which shows where you can buy ethanol free gas.

Moss Motors carries a product called PEP,which may be added to your gas tank to help offset the negatives of ethanol gas. Click here to be taken to the Moss site for some information on this product.

Quaker State Defy Motor Oil

(Thanks to Ron Cribbs)

Quaker State has introduced a new oil – Quaker State Defy – designed for older high-performance engines with flat tappet camshafts.

Since 2001, zinc, an anti-scuff additive has been reduced in motor oils to reduce clogging of catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Oils with reduced zinc content are fine for modern low friction engine designs, but older performance engines with high valve spring pressures and flat tappet camshafts were experiencing increased wear. The new Defy oil has a high level of ZDDP, an anti-wear additive with a proprietary zinc booster that helps control both wear and oxidation. New oils have low viscosity to help reduce internal engine friction and improve fuel economy.

However, it is difficult to get low viscosity when zinc is added to the mix. The ZDDP additive does allow both lower viscosity while increasing anti-scuff properties. Quaker State claims the oil helps “stop wear in its tracks” preventing up to 98 per cent of future wear. Classic car owners now have an oil designed to meet their needs.

Click here to see the Quaker State site.

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