Meetings and Events

If you are planning an event, or are going to an event that you think other members should know about, please send the details to, and we’ll post them on this page. You can also use the submission form under Feedback.

WBCC Monthly Meeting:

Second Tuesday of Each Month (year round)
From 5:00 pm on
Kennedy’s Restaurant, St Agatha
click here for address and map


Monday, February 10th: Drive your Triumph Day
– to celebrate Sir John Black’s Birthday
(chairman of Standard-Triumph)
– If we get a nice day, go for a drive in your Triumph
– Then take a photo.
– The photo is mainly of the car, and the owner if possible,
– If it’s still the middle of the winter, and your car is in hibernation,
or in the middle of a restoration, take a photo of it anyway in the garage.
– Have fun with it
– Next step is to email a high-resolution photo to,
along with some basic information: owner’s name, year and model of car, and
place photo was taken (city, state, country).
– The photo will be posted on the Drive your Triumph website


April 19th: Ancaster British Car Flea Market
Event flyer
General Information Ancaster Flea Market (
Vendor Information Flea Market Vendors (


Saturday, May 2nd: WBCC Garage Tour
– Stops will include
– Will Carter’s
– Chris Tank’s
– Ian’s house (New Hamburg) for a catered lunch
– The Healey Farm in Monkton
– Price for the lunch will be $10 per head, the club will cover the  cost of any overage
– More details to follow.
– Here are some pictures from last year

Sunday May 31st: Garden Party at Clonmel Castle
– Members of the Waterloo British Car Club are cordially invited
– to a garden party at Clonmel Castle
– (150 Prospect Street Port Dover, Ontario N0A 1N1. Arrival time 12:30pm.)
– Please see this PDF for more details
– Here is Phil and Wendy Miller’s contact info
– email address
– address 132, Sunset Blvd, Cambridge, Ont. N1S 1A7


Monday August 3rd: 20th Annual Molloy Pool party
Event Details Link
– It’s a pool party, so don’t forget your swimsuit
– And it’s a potluck, so bring munchies, an appetizer, salad, or desert

Pub Night at Kennedy’s in St Agatha