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A message from David Stuursma, Moss Motoring editor:
Sep 25, 2018

Subject: Three fun things
to British car club leaders, enthusiasts and friends,

I’m working on the next couple upcoming Moss Motoring magazines and there are some fun opportunities for your car club members to have a chance to participate in. It would be a huge help to me if you would share the following request for photos, stories and also questions. I appreciate this so much!

If material submitted is used in the magazine, I get the pleasure of placing a credit to their Moss Motors account with a gift of $50 (or more if the content is longer).

My email address is: editor@mossmotors.com

1. Winter LBC Garage Scenes
I was sent a delightful story that reflects a winter memory from years ago and I’d love to show some imagery that captures and adds to the blustery Christmastime spirit of it. It’s tricky finding winter photos with British sports cars. If you have a winter photo with your car—either on the road or being worked on in the garage/shop—this would be a big help! And do include a short paragraph or two that helps describe the scene. Thank you!

If possible, please send photos that are a pretty big file size. That will make my graphic designer’s day.

2. Best of Friends
Are you great friends with someone primarily because of British cars? Here’s your chance to send in a pic (or two or three) of the two of you and embarrass them with a story of your antics together.

3. Ask Graham Robson
Moss Motoring has had the privilege of a regular column by Mr. Graham Robson. He’s a great guy with encyclopedic knowledge, who aims to please. He asks me regularly if there’s anything I’d like for him to write about. I asked if he’d be willing to answer questions from Moss customers and he replied:

I don’t mind being involved in an ‘Ask Robson’ dialogue, just so long it doesn’t mean me having to advise on things like the best Lucas fuse to use for a 1954 MG TD, or the best tyres for a Triumph TR4. My expertise, if there is one, is not to know everything technical, but to know most things historical, the persons once involved, and the whys and wherefores of the British ‘classic car’ industry …

Send me the questions you’ve always wondered about and I’ll pick out some good ones for Graham!

The deadline for these submissions is October 15 … but if material comes after that it may still get used for a future magazine.

Thank you so much!

David Stuursma
Moss Motoring editor

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